Fan-Seats are officially licensed, high quality, branded furniture for all ages. Get your Fan-Seat today! Can’t see your club? Tell us.


Trust in Fan-Seats Products

Fan-Seats offer affordable, high-quality, officially branded seating for all ages. Perfect for bedrooms, man-caves, home and outdoor use.

Fan-Seat Ottomans are manufactured in the UK with a printed, all-weather, removable and machine washable fabric cover over an inflatable inner. It is not until you receive your Fan-Seat that you can truly appreciate the quality of the product, the seat is quickly inflated by a standard domestic air pump (sold separately) with a sturdy base.

The product is durable and manufactured to the highest quality.

Weighing less than 3kg Fan-Seats are portable, enabling you to use the seat wherever you wish to.
Fan-Seats remain affordable whilst delivering on quality, comfort and visual appeal.
Fan-Seats provide a wow factor with official football club branding from clubs across the English Premier League. Can’t see your club? Tell us.


Many parents create themed bedrooms for their children, and whilst there are several soft furnishings to create a look, there wasn’t until now, official branded furniture.

Finished Look

Fan-Seats finish the look of all football themed bedrooms, and for that added touch why not get your Fan-Seats personalised!

All Ages

Fan-Seats are not just for the kids, why should they have all the fun! They are created for all ages, which makes them ideal for grown ups too.


Fan-Seats are perfect for kids bedrooms, man-caves, for outdoor use, and so much more.