What is Fan-Seats? 

Born in 2019 at our factory in Luton, Fan-Seats is the home of officially branded furniture. Made by fans for fans. It is our mission to bring the football teams and entertainment brands that people love into their homes and workspaces to be displayed with pride. At Fan-Seats, our dedicated team has worked hard to ensure that all of our products are officially licensed by your favourite football team or entertainment brand. 

Fan-Seats chairs are the perfect addition to any themed bedroom, man-cave, playroom or office! Our chairs can be used outside and inside so you can bring your favourite designs to your space. With Fan-Seats you can complete your ultimate setup with your favourite club or entertainment brand!  

At the moment we hold licenses with Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Manchester City FC, West Ham United, Celtic FC, Watford FC and Queens Park Rangers. As we are a new company we are always looking to add football teams and entertainment brands to our lineup. We have several new licenses in the pipeline so watch this space! If you don’t see your football club here and would like to you can send us a request here:

Club Request

Currently, our chairs come in three different sizes: 

  1. Adult stool
  2. Junior stool 
  3. Gaming 

They are all made of an easily inflatable inner and a fabric cover with the stools also having a solid polymer base suitable for all floor types. Using a fabric cover means that Fan-Seats can print high-quality unique designs onto our chairs. It also means our chairs are machine washable, durable and easy to store and transport. 

  1. Where are Fan-Seats products manufactured? 

We design and manufacture our seats in the UK. Here at Fan-Seats quality is our number one concern. All of our products are designed to bring the football clubs and entertainment brands that you love into your space in the best possible way. Thus, we spend as much time as it takes to ensure that our designs and product materials reflect this love and passion. We know that the details matter and our manufacturing process reflects this.  

  1. Where are you located?

The United Kingdom – our factory is based in Luton. This factory is also where we store and ship all of our products. 

  1. Are Fan-Seats products safe? 

Fan-Seats are fully risk assessed. 

For your safety, our fabric covers are treated with a fire retardant coating to standard EN13501 to prevent the spread of fire if exposed to high temperature or flame. Therefore all Fan-Seats products are fire retardant

For your convenience, Fan-Seats fabric covers are machine washable at 30c. This makes all our products easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, the detailed designs are completely weatherproof, which allows for practical use outdoors as well as inside.

The solid base of each Fan-Seats stools ensures that you are stable no matter your size or weight. Our junior stools are ideal for children up to the age of 11, whilst our teen/adult stools can be used for adults of all sizes up to and including 140kg.

  1. How do I make sure I order the right size?

Our size guide can ensure that you can find the right size chair for you. 

Find out more about sizes by visiting this page
  1. How to make an online purchase with Fan-Seats?
  • First select which Fan-Seats design you would like to order. Make sure that this is in the correct size that you would like, either: Adult Stool, Junior Stool or Gaming. 
  • Next click ‘Buy Now’. 

Note: if you would like to purchase more than one Fan-Seat click add to basket, then select any other designs you would like to purchase, add them to your basket and then proceed to checkout by clicking the basket icon in the top left corner. 

  • Finally, fill out your details on the checkout page and click ‘Place Order’. 
  • Congratulations! You’ve ordered a Fan-Seat – we hope you love our chairs as much as we do 😁
  1. Payment methods for your Fan Seats order

Payment can be made via Shopify Payments.

We never store credit or debit card details from an order, the only information we hold is: 

– what products you’ve ordered 

– your delivery address so that we know where we need to send the goods to

– contact details so we can contact you if necessary  

July 15, 2021 — Richard Higson
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