Every Hammer knows that a devoted fan will dedicate his focus, energy and even room for his favourite club! Although knowing something was up, never had these little Hammers suspected what a treat was in store for them and what a transformation would happen in such a short time.

Fan-Seats is happy to work with West Ham United and bring you our official, licensed Irons collection to your home, which made this themed room a dream come true for them.

A low budget investment  resulted in a complete switch from their old bedroom to an official West Ham United mecca, filled with Hammers’ room accessories, pictures and props, with the eye-catching, officially licensed West Ham Fan-Seats as the cherry on top.

The excitement was unimaginable and extremely contagious, their reaction made all the efforts worthwhile. Our stool and gaming chair turned out as the perfect addition to this themed room – starting from the attractive design, with the vivid colours and official crest standing proud and presenting the club. Now onto the practical part – With the first glance at the Seats, the quality of the product is clearly visible and justifies the status of a high-quality British product.

Each perfect stitch guarantees durability and resistance, high-quality print guarantees the exquisite design and colours to last no matter how often you wash them (yes, they are machine washable!).

Fire-retardancy and weather-resistant features make them safe and practical for any activities. The stable base gives the stools stability and allows support for a healthy posture while sitting.

Can you imagine a better setting to enjoy gaming time? Hanging out with friends or getting ready for football practice, just to get the hype up and the thrill pumping, backed by the colours of your favourite club.

July 15, 2021 — Richard Higson