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Putting together a fan-seat is quicker and easier than explaining the offside rule. Once you unpack the Fan-Seat from its box, all you need to do is:

1. Velcro the base to the durable inner.
2. Place the inner inside the printed cover.
3. Feed the cover into the grooves of the base.
4. Inflate and enjoy!

Unless you have a super set of lungs, we recommend that our Fan-Seats can be inflated using any standard electric air pump fitted with a 15mm valve.

Don't have one? We stock an electric air pump which can be purchased through our website.
(Please note that the electric air pump operates on either a standard 230V wall plug or a 12V DC car charger plug adapter).

Time for a design change? Or does the cover need a good clean? It’s incredibly easy to remove and replace your Fan-Seat cover in 3 easy steps:

1. Flip your stool to reveal the sturdy base and release the valve to let some of the air out.
2. Remove the fabric cover from the grooves of the base and slip off the cover.
3. Stick the cover in the wash, let it dry and put it back on by feeding it back into the grooves of the base – it’s that simple!

Scenario: You’re an hour in to hosting a BBQ and already someone’s spilt ketchup on a stool and the kids have used theirs as goalposts for a penalty shootout.

It’s inevitable that fan-seats are bound to get messy. Luckily, our weather-proof fabric covers are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.

For tougher stains, the covers are machine washable by simply removing it from its base before putting it in the wash on a normal cycle at a cool 30c. Hang and leave to air dry before letting your team colours shine again.

From the biggest to the littlest of fans, both kids and adults love to cheer their favourite team on. At Fan-Seats, all of our stools come in two different sizes whilst our gaming chairs come as a one-size-fits-all. The dimensions for each of our products are listed below:

Adult Stool sizes: 55cm x 45cm (HxW)
Kids Stool sizes: 45cm x 37.5cm (HxW)
Gaming chairs: 61cm (back height) x 69cm x 65cm (HxWxD) and sits 28cm high from floor to seat.

Looking for a Fan-Seat that will be the perfect gift for your football fanatic friend? Or trying to find the ultimate stool that will complete your kid’s space themed bedroom? Our Fan-Seats are designed for all supporters alike and are available in both adults and kids sizes.

We recommend that our Fan-Seat stool sizes will be suitable for the following age groups:

Kids fan-seat stools (45cm x 37.5cm): suitable for children aged 5+

Adult-sized fan-seat stools (55cm x 45cm): can comfortably accommodate adults and children aged 11+

Gaming chairs (61cm H x 69cm W x 65cm D): are suitable from ages 6+

At Fan-Seats, we use the best quality materials to create stools and gaming chairs that are not only durable, but are made to last.

Ultra-tough against thumps and bumps, the heavy-duty inner and strong fabric covers can easily take the force when your rival team scores a last-minute penalty.

Our stools are finished with a solid base for maximum stability yet are lightweight enough to be effortlessly carried around. Great as an indoor and outdoor stool, our Fan-Seats are designed to be weatherproof and are resilient to support fans of all sizes.

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