Universal Electric Air Pump

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Simple and easy to use electric pump for inflating or deflating your Fan seats products. The pump is compact and lightweight made of ABS plastic material. The electric pump operates using either a standard AC 230V wall plug, for indoor use, or a 12V DC car charger plug adapter for outdoor use


  • Made from ABS black plastic, durable material

  • Indoor use: Standard AC 230V wall plug

  • Outdoor use: DC12V car charger plug adapter

  • Inflation and deflation options

  • 3 nozzles

  • Item weight: 410g

  • Item size: 10.2x10x9cm

Important Notes:

  • It is not recommended to use the electric pump continuously, for more than 10 minutes at a time, or to place the pump near hot surfaces

  • It is not recommended to keep or use the electric pump in wet condition

  • Do not put hands or fingers into the inflation/deflation port at any time

  • This product must NOT be used by children.


  • 1 x Air Pump

  • 3 x Nozzles

  • 1 x Wall Charge Plug

  • 1 x Car Charge Plug

Please carefully follow the instructions provided with the product.