Junior Stool
(6 to 10 yrs old)

Teen / adult Stool
(11+ yrs old)

Gaming Chair
(suitable for all)

Small Stool
(6 to 10 yrs old)

Large Stool
(11+ yrs old)

Gaming Chair
(suitable for all)


Quality is the very foundation of our business and lies at the heart of everything we do. From the very onset of production, we focus on ensuring that every individual feature is designed using the highest quality materials, alongside superior manufacturing procedures.


Our high-quality fabric covers are specially handcrafted in the UK to guarantee quality. They are stitched together by experts, who work hard to guarantee that each stitch is made to absolute perfection. This further adds to the lifespan of each product, ensuring that the stitching does not unfold at the slightest knock. The fabric is made from ultra durable polyester which results in high resistance to all kinds of stretching, tearing and fraying.

For your convenience, each one of our covers are machine washable and can be fitted with ease over the solid base in seconds. This guarantees easy assembly so that your covers can be put back on without any hassle.


At Fan Seats, we take pride in being the official home of the best football branded furniture. Our dedicated team has worked hard to ensure that all of our products have been officially licensed and endorsed by your favourite football team.

Currently the teams that we have on offer include Chelsea F.C., Arsenal F.C., Liverpool F.C., West Ham United F.C. and Celtic F.C., and we will continue to add more clubs in the future.
(If you don’t see your club here, please leave us a note)

Healthy posture

The design of each stool works to encourage healthy posture habits, ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible whilst protecting your posture from unnatural habits. Such features make them ideal for daily use in and outside of your home.

Machine washable

Fan Seats fabric is machine washable at 30c, which makes it very easy to clean should a drink or food be spilt.


The intricate designs are completely weatherproof, which allows for practical use outdoors as well as inside.


The solid base of each Fan Seats stools ensures that you are stable no matter your size or weight. Our junior stools are ideal for children up to the age of 11, whilst our teen/adult stools can be used for adults of all sizes.